Monday, February 25, 2013


You've seen it on the evening news, you've read it in the paper, you've heard it on the radio, you've seen it all over the internet...OLIVE OIL IS OK!  SO ARE NUTS!  What a relief!  Life was tasteless without OLIVE OIL!  Now I can drizzle it all over everything just like I used to...right?????


NO OIL!!!!!

Olive oil is just as harmful to the lining of the blood vessels today as it was yesterday and last year and 10 years ago, long before this deeply flawed unscientific study from Spain, the land of Olive Oil, published today in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.  

Dr. Esselstyn calls the study "misleading research". Here is a quote from Dr. Esselstyn himself a few hours ago: "...those in the Mediterranean diet study still had heart attacks and strokes. So, all the study showed was that the Mediterranean diet and the horrible control diet were able to create disease in people who otherwise did not have it." (See this Blog for 02/03/13)

We'll all do just fine without olive oil. In fact, we'll be slim & trim, healthy and well, eating all those fresh tasting greens, beans, whole grains, colorful and starchy fruits and vegetables with a spritz of lemon or a dash of balsamic vinegar.  And our brains will be sharp, our thinking will be clear and we'll be able to see right through misleading research full of biases and flaws. 

Eat well, be well, my friends...

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