Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bogus Health Claims!

This is an alert!!!  Do not believe everything you read on the internet!!!
Anyone, yes, ANYONE, can make a bogus health claim and send it out on the internet under the name of a prestigious university or well known expert in the field of health and nutrition. A newsletter has just come to my attention claiming to be from Johns Hopkins. Although it makes many claims about healthful eating that sound good, some of them are just plain bogus!!!  You have very reliable, credible sources in Esselstyn and Campbell, McDougall and Novick and many others! Do not rely on anyone, even your best friend, for health and nutrition information that is not thoroughly checked out by YOU!  Always check your sources, always be suspicious of any health claims floating around out there that do not come from a registered site. Read, study and ask questions to educate and protect yourself from bogus health claims!
Be smart! Be alert! Be well!

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