Sunday, June 24, 2012

Play with your food...

Kids aren't the only ones who get to play with their food!  Even Grandmas can get in the act... 

Check out your local Farmers' Market and look for something you've never tried before. 

How about some mini squashes?  They make perfect fantasy flower centers and even the nose for our Veggie Queen. 

Pick out the biggest leaf you can find.  Collard greens become the background for a veggie creation.

Ever tried purple potatoes?!  Buy a handful of egg-shaped Peruvian Purple Potatoes.  Steamed and sliced in half, they become deviled delights with a dollop of sweet potato hummus (for recipe, see this Blog for April 4). Arrange deviled delights to make a rare flower or dazzling purple eyeballs!

What about that fava bean-petaled whirly gig? To eat:  shell them, steam the inner bean for 1 minute in boiling water, cool in ice water then shell them again.  The final inner bean is so rich and "meaty" you'll wish you'd bought more...

Pick up some napa cabbage for amazing hair and rainbow chard stems for petals, eyebrows & a big veggie smile. 

Now eat, if  you dare, raw or cooked, then run back to market to try something new.

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