Sunday, November 4, 2012


Just received this note from Gail, a NEW PLANT-BASED EATER:

 "I attended your presentation in September at the Retreat of Love Creek.  I have given up the dairy (already had given up meat) since then and have lost 11.5 pounds!  Thank you so much for sharing your story, ideas, and the motivation.  I will say the first few weeks of no dairy was pretty rough.  My husband and I nicknamed it "Dairy Rage"! 
I wanted to share a sandwich we just stumbled on that is very good.  It is steamed kale, on bread with hummus (sprinkled with cilantro) and a slice of tomato [and a squeeze of lemon].  I love kale - not my husband's favorite but he loves this combination." 
Gail adds that her husband has lost 9.5 lbs since September, as well. 
Love to hear from other Plant-Based Readers & Eaters!  Send your triumphs & trials, your recipes & recommendations to

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