Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kudos to Sous Chef Matt Beverley at SEASONS52 in Tysons Corner Center

What's a chef to do when customers drop in out of the blue requesting a Plant-Based oil-free meal? Sous Chef Matt Beverley didn't hesitate for a moment when our accomodating waiter brought him to our table.  After informing us that the black bean soup we were hungry for was not oil-free, he suggested a melange of roasted vegetables accompanied by a delicate vegetable broth and topped off with the sweetness of a roasted pear. The beautiful and tasty result is pictured above. Had we called ahead, perhaps he could have also prepared, oil-free, that cup of spicey black bean soup served with crusty whole grain bread.


  1. Dorothy,
    It was my pleasure to accommodate you and your guest at my restaurant! I thank you so much for the spot in your blog! I look forward to seeing you again.. Please bring any new challenges my way :-)

  2. This is the kind of response we welcome from restaurants.