Sunday, May 12, 2013


In a recent letter to United States Senator Chris Coons from Delaware, I urge him to consider leading us toward a Plant-Based agricultural economy.  I urge you to consider these matters as well and to act on them in whatever way you are able.

Dear Senator Coons:

Thank you for your sincere and diligent efforts on behalf of Delaware farmers and their families in the areas of financial stability and job security. 

I would like to offer another perspective on the impact of Delaware meat, dairy and poultry industries on health and healthcare.  A heart attack 2 years ago turned my life upside down.  On the way to wellness, I have learned that eating animal protein damages the cardiovascular system and that eating Plant-Based Foods (vegetables and fruits, grains and beans) restores and heals. As a result of these new learnings from Bill Clinton's reversal of his heart disease, T. Colin Campbell's book THE CHINA STUDY (Ph.D. Cornell)and Caldwell Esselstyn's book PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE (Cleveland Clinic, M.D.), I made dramatic dietary changes from meat & dairy lover to Vegan No added Oil. My husband & I now depend on plant foods alone to sustain our extraordinaryly robust health with NO MEDICATIONS and NO PROCEDURES. 

In the meanwhile I have earned a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition and teach courses throughout lower Delaware on Plant-Based Eating for optimal health and weight.  I share this with you because I have learned that the consumption of meat, dairy, poultry and fish as well as refined foods is directly related to the health crisis in this state and nation.  I am in conversation with Beebe Medical Center (I was the first Director of Chaplaincy Services there from 1999-2005) regarding the importance of dietary change if we are to make any headway on reducing obesity, diabetes, certain cancers and heart related health issues.

I realize this information creates a moral dilemma for you as advocate for the meat, dairy, poultry industry in Delaware while also concerned for the health of your constituents. Your situation is not unlike mine as clergy woman serving Connecticut Churches whose members were employed at Electric Boat where I regularly demonstrated against the christening of nuclear submarines.  My parishioners depended on the arms industry for their bread and butter and for paying my salary.  So we had to talk openly and frankly about this dilemma, how to "beat our swords into plowshares", and how to work toward ECONOMIC CONVERSION. 

You are in a position of leadership and you possess the moral authority to lead Delaware toward a Plant-Based agricultural economy, not only for health reasons, but for the economic wellbeing of the nation. Consider the effect of ending 75% of chronic illnesses through diet alone. In addition, the science is abundantly clear that animal-based agriculture puts huge stresses on food, land and water resources and adds to the burden of greenhouse gases.

I urge you to give these matters serious consideration.  My husband and I offer you our support for your on-going work of healing and helping our state and our nation.

Thank you,

Dorothy P. Greet

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