Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Can't BEET this for freshness & flavor!
BEETS are the basis for this quick, easy & delicious gourmet dinner.

Chop off the root bulb leaving 1" stem.  Wash & boil as many whole beets as you want 'til tender (1/2 hr or so).  In the meanwhile wash and chop leaves and stems in 1"- 2" pieces. In a large flat pan saute one chopped onion, sliced mushrooms (any kind, any size) in a little wine or broth 'til tender.  Add handful or more shelled & steamed fava beans or any other beans.  Add chopped beet greens and stems and a tablespoon balsamic or other vinegar.  With lid on, steam greens, beans, mushrooms & onions for a few minutes 'til greens are wilted.  Add a few squirts of Bragg's Aminos (soy sauce alternative).
Now peel & slice or chop those boiled beets and mix with steamed greens, beans, mushrooms & onions. Serve with a baked potato, white or sweet.  

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